The Affair: Season 2

The Affair: season 2 will be definitely out on the TV screens. The Showtime channel confirmed the second season of the show back in November 2014, in a public message in LA.
Showtime’s announcement, made by David Nevins, the head of Showtime Networks Inc., stated that the creators will continue working on the season 2 of a popular TV series The Affair. The upcoming season will consist of 10 episodes. The new season is scheduled show 10 series. The mentioned statement concerned also the Homeland series which will see its fifth season.

The story

The series dwells on the subject of extramarital relationships. Psychological and emotional aspects of unfaithfulness are explored from both perspectives, male and female. The protagonists face a series of prejudices regarding their gender in relation to the topic evoked by the show. Ruth Wilson, a seasoned actress plays one of the main characters, Alison.
In the show, the lady protagonist is trying to recover from her life’s big drama, a spoiled marriage. While the husband is trying to make amends, Alison, quite unexpectedly, gets involved in a love affair with a school teacher. Noah, her lover, leads a typical New York life – apart from working at public school as hos main job, he is also a struggling writer.
The Affair TV show has resonated among the viewers and led to a major discussion facilitatated by viewers and critics alike. The pilot episode was a success, as it raised significant interest among people and attracted a large audience.
The second season of The Affair show will be out in fall 2015.
Those who enjoyed the first season can expect the sequel soon. Meanwhile, the acuteness of the topic continues to fuel up discussions.

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