The Affair 3 Season Release Date

The Affair 3 season release date has been announced by Showtime. Catch the details in the following post.

Created by director Mark Maylode The Affair 3 season premiere will come back this autumn.
The main roles are still played by Joshua Jackson, Sea Tierney, Nicky Robinson, Dominic West, Michael Victor Williams and Ruth Wilson. Currently, The Affair season 3 episode 1 is produced in San Francisco after the treatment of the footage and long-awaited premiere.

The Plot

This is the story of a difficult family life of the couple, the value of marriage and boundless passion, which is not really overcome.
All actions are presented to the viewer in two planes – male and female thinking, actions and deeds in the same situation.
The main character Noah lived a happy marriage with Helena, his thoughts no idea of treason, in addition to this it looks pretty nasty.
In everyday life, it is the teacher of one of the institutions of higher education, in his free time writes books, is about to come to an end the spelling of his first masterpiece.
During regular, planned vacation he collects family and went to visit his father’s wife, one of the provincial towns of the United States.

The Affair 3 season release date has been announced by Showtime

On the first day, by chance, he meets a pretty girl Allison, it has occurred in one of the eateries where Noah came to a snack, oddly charming stranger made an impression on Noah.
Allison itself is now in a deep depression and despair because of the death of her four-year-old child, she or does not manage to overcome this vicious circle of thoughts about the tragedy that it has conquered, and every day she starts to feel worse.
Here begins the main event, a meeting of two hearts, as the fate of the main characters will show the new season.
The Affair 3 season release date is expected in October of 2016.
DVD and Bluray release date of The Affair 3 season will happen at the end of 2016.
While waiting watch The Affair 2 season trailer:

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