The Affair 2 Season Release Date

The Affair 2 season release date
The Affair 2 season release date was confirmed. The release date has been announced the second season by Showtime in Los Angeles on November 10, 2014.
Showtime officially reported that prolongs its new drama series Lovers 2 season. The new season is scheduled show 10 series. This information was David Nevins, president of Showtime Networks Inc. We also learned about the extension of the series Homeland Season 5.
The plot:
The Affair deeply explores the emotional and psychological effects of extramarital affairs protagonists. Provocative drama, show the problem separately from male and female point of view, using a variety of prejudices. In the series, well-proven actress Ruth Wilson, who plays Alison.

The Affair 2 season release date

The female character is trying to get back to normal life after a family tragedy. Her husband is struggling to fix it. Their emotionally charged marriage becomes even more complicated when Alison begins an affair with Noah (Dominic West) – a public school teacher in New York and an aspiring writer.
The series caused a lot of discussion with critics and viewers. The show featured a great increase in the audience after the screening of the first series debut season.

The Affair 2 season release date was announced for Autumn of 2015.
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