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The internationally acclaimed show, The 100 is a mixture of various genres including adventure, action, and post-apocalyptic science fiction. Airing since 2014, the series hails from the eponymous first part of the famous trilogy by Kass Morgana.

The development of the TV adaptation is behind Jason Rothenberg. The distributing part is performed by The CW channel in the USA, as well as by various networks in different countries all over the world. The latest season release date is January 21, 2016. The launch of the third installment is finished a long time ago and now it is time for the fourth cycle. Has the new season air date been exposed?

The 100 Season 4 date release 

Plot Summary

The series features the post-apocalyptic world after the nuclear war that happened to mankind of Earth 97 years ago. Almost all people have been killed. The 2400 survivors inhabit 12 space stations that are called as The Ark.

The life-maintaining systems of these space stations are at the edge of finishing their work once and for all. So, another refuge is needed. The 100 young people are chosen to explore the surface of our home planet in order to get to know whether the return is possible.

As soon as they arrive at the planet, they find themselves among other survivors who have united in different gangs.

The 100 Season 4

From the Audience

The series is not a winner in ratings but it is a truly impressive serial that keeps getting traction. The viewership constitutes about 1.5 million watchers per each new episode upon average.

The reviews are favorable, noting that everything is perfect in this sci-fi show, including the great performance, brilliantly intertwined storylines, intensity of the narration, plot depth. This list of advantages is not over here. People affirm that the suspense is kept successfully through the dynamical course of events happened in the realistically created world of post-apocalypse. You won’t be able even to take your eyes off the screen when following!

The 100 Season 4

Great Updates

Yet in spring 2016, we were lucky to be notified about the early renewal of the series for the fourth season premiere. As autumn 2016 passes by us, only one question keeps appearing more and more often in our minds. This question is when the new season air date will be announced. Quite recently we have got to know The 100 season 4 release date. The debut is scheduled for February 1, 2017! Nothing more has been uttered by developers regarding, for instance, the plot specifics and cast changes. This has led to various rumors appearing on different online resources. We recommend not believing in any of them and waiting for the official updates. Just stay tuned with us and be ready for news!

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