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The 100: Season 3


A popular TV series The 100 premiered in the spring 2014. The fans of the show are eager to know whether or not its third season will run on the CW channel. So will or will not there be The 100: season 3?

A new show titled The 100 has first aired on CW in spring 2014. It immediately has gained outstanding popularity among the viewers and gathered a loyal army of fans, just like any good TV product. The first season has proved to be successful, which led to its continuation by its producers and the channel’s administration alike. More to that, the fans were able to see the next season in fall of the same year. Right now, the question lingers: will there be one more season. Read on to find all the information about the show below. We’ve prepared some juicy details for you as well.


The executive producer Jason Rothenberg wasn’t that enthusiastic about how the season ended. He compared it to Empire Strikes Back, as he believed that it was far from the best moments in the characters’ stories. He said that, while the 2nd season was completely concentrated on Mount Weather, the next season will be different. On the one hand, the fans will be seeing the familiar world with all the usual characters, but, on the other, The 100 will take a different perspective. The show’s writers will be exploring new territories and introducing new plot twists.

The 100: season 3.

At first, the third season of The 100 was promised to the fans in 2015. All the writing for the season has been ready by now. Bearing in mind that the reception by the critics wasn’t that positive, this was a mind-blowing news to the community. However, the CW’s administration postponed the new season’s release till 2016. There is a hope that while the fans are waiting for the continuation of the story, they will be joined by the new followers (mainly via Netflix). This way, the show might gain more viewers.


First of all, the plot.

The show is about a group of precisely one hundred young people of criminal background who were sent to the planet Earth a hundred years after the horrible nuclear catastrophe wiped the life off its surface. The main task of the young offenders is to survive. They will have to learn to compromise in order to create a society of new people on this planet which was their ancestors’ home long ago.

Season 2 and its reception.

The 100: season 2 tells us about the further developments in the main characters’ stories. The last episode of the season ends with Bellamy and Clarke exterminating the Mountain Men (and Maya among them) with the help of radiation. We watch Clarke making a decision to move away from the Camp Jaha. The season finale aired this March and was received rather positively by the viewers. It actually made fans hungry for more of The 100.


Jason Rothenberg, the executive producer, gave us a hint regarding the possible synopsis. Clarke, while feeling guilty for killing the Weathermen with radiation, might be planning to get to Polis.

It is needed to say once more that it’s been a great relief to see The 100 on the list of the renewed shows. It was not clear whether CW will want it in its schedule or not. Meanwhile, the creators along with the series’ crew will have a chance to show their best in the upcoming season three. We shall wait and see.

Have you enjoyed the season 2 finale of The 100? Will you be watching the third season?

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