The 100: Season 3

Serial The 100 season 3
The new, 3rd season of the show The 100 has been approved. Fans of the fantasy TV series can exhale with relief – the CW show will be continued
The first episode of a new sci-fi TV series titled The 100 was first aired in spring 2014. Immediately after the first season, the show became unexpectedly popular and proved to be one of the greatest TV shows of the recent. Once the creators saw the success, they decided on making the next, second, season. The latter was shown on the CW channel in fall 2014.
The plot of the new season is a mystery right now, but there are many guesses being made. We will see what the show brings next.
The sci-fi drama series unveils the story of the lifeless desert of Earth amost a century after the nuclear apocalypse destroyed just about everything. A hundred young men are sent there to fight for their lives
Serial The 100 season 3

The Story

The new environment in which young men find themselves poses unknown threats. In order to survive on the abandoned planet, they have to forget about discrepancies between them and cooperate.
Once the second season proved to be as successful as the first one, we can look forward to seeing the sequel, season 3. As it is understood from the latest events, the fans will be able to watch the show on their screens in summer
The 100: season 3 will be aired in summer 2015.
What is your opinion of The 100? Will you join the fans in watching season 3?

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