Texas Rising Season 2

The historical series in its core, Texas Rising is a newcomer yet without renewal for the second installment despite the opening being held in the far last May. Therefore, let’s keep on waiting with our finger crossed.

Show outline

Three companies embarked on creating the historically backgrounded TV project referred to as “Texas Rising”. They are A+E Studios, ITV Studios America, and  Thinkfactory Media. The series was created on the order coming from the History Channel.
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The team of executives comes to be imposing including the award-winner named Leslie Greif, as well as Dirk Hoogstra (Pawn Stars, Hatfields & McCoys) and Julian P. Hobbs (Appalachian Outlaws, Mississippi Men). Lesli is, by the way, best known for working on Strange Love and Big Giant Swords.
We should not skip the director here whose name is Roland Joffe, famous for The Killing Fields and The Mission. The acting cast should be also defined as follows: Brendan Fraser, Olivier Martinez, Christopher McDonald, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Jeff Fahey, Jeremy Davies, Ray Liotta, Thomas Jane, Robert Knepper, Chad Michael Murray, Max Thieriot, Rhys Coiro, Crispin Glover, Bill Paxton, Rob Morrow and others.
The TV project can be now perceived as a miniseries consisting of five episodes with an imposing duration of each one, however, constituting two hours. The opening of the first episode was held in the previous May.

Historically grounded plot

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The series features the Texas frontier and penetrates into particulars of the fight for an independent Texas. This is a summary and now let’s get into detail.
It shows specifically that the Alamo is not the end of the story, but only its start. In the 30s of the nineteenth century, the west side of the Mississippi was reckoned to be the Wild West and the Texas frontier was a true hell on earth that was making people die for independence.
This was a time period when the residents of Texas were showing their bravery, a time to die for what you put faith in and struggle against the Mexican General Santa Anna and his forces.

How many people were drawn in by the series?

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The series was unexpectedly received with flying flowers. The healthy amount of viewership is another proof to this statement.  As for today, it constitutes about 4 million watchers. This number was garnered during the release of the first and so far the latest season.

When can we expect the announcement of the renewal?

With the reviews from critics and ordinary viewers being pretty favorable, it is more than probable that the series will be revived for the second installment. The Texas Rising season 2 release date remain so far unknown, surely. We should wait for it becoming clear sometime in the future. Do not hang down your head, as everything is still possible before the cancellation is not announced officially. Follow our service in order to keep abreast of the situation updates.


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