Telenovela Season 2

According to the up-to-date situation, the fresh sitcom on NBC is excepted yet to be resumed for another run. With a general appreciation of the story, the series have all chances of getting releases of the sequential chapters being brought to light with regular intervals.

Short outline

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Telenovela makes for the new project aired on the American channel titled NBC. The serial is basically a situational comedy that saw the light in the form of the pioneer season at the start of December of the antecedent year. Now the viewers have only one chapter at their disposal and are longing for the appearance of the second one that is composed of 11 episodes though originally there were 13 of them. Each part lasts for about 30 minutes.
As for the creative team, it comes to be spearheaded by Chrissy Pietrosh, Jessica Goldstein, and Robert Harting. The entire range of companies has been participating in the process of developing the series including Tall and Short Productions, UnbeliEVAble Entertainment and Universal Television.
The acting cast includes such a well-known lady as Eva Longoria in the role of Ana Sofia Calderon.

What is the story itself?

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Telenovela follows specifically the drama on the filming ground and the relatins that turn to be developed among star characters. The real personal life of the central heroine turns to be full of intrigues as well as the life of her character which she is performing being on the set.

How has the newcomer been expected by critics and common watchers?

The serial cannot be reckoned as a breakthrough in the American television thought it has received quite positive commentaries coming from critics as well as from common watchers.
The serial comes to be bashed specifically for being a little bit dopey and predictable events as well as dialogues in the story. As the matter stands, the general positive appreciation of the story is obvious. It is actually funny though sometimes with silly jokes but they make people smile in any case. The thing is that it is created as a lighthearted story that is not aiming to make people think over dramatic problems of reality after a hard working day. We have an opportunity just watch the serial and relax. That is the main advantage of this multipart movie. On IMDb, the average rating is scored in about 6.5 points among 10 which makes the regular resumption of the story possible. The number of viewership is evaluated particularly in 1 million viewers which can be reckoned as no a great but sufficient number.
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Renewal issues

As the current situation shows us, the creators of this project are so far tight-lipped about the fate of their product.  As we have already mentioned, the serial is worth further development which creates chances of watching the new episodes. So let’s expect official confirmation of the resumption and the Telenovela  season 2 release date.


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