Tatau Season 2

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General Info

Tatau is a drama TV series produced in United Kingdom. The series created by Richard Zajdlic premiered on BBC channel in April 2015. The action takes place on the Cook Islands. The show is about mystery murders. It is made up of 8 episodes in the first season.

Plot Summary And Actors

Tatau is a series about mystical murders filmed in the Cook Islands. The central characters of the story are Kyle Connor and Paul ‘Budgie’ Griffiths. They are both Londoners about twenty and good friends. They start a journey around the world, but before it Kyle makes a tattoo in Maori style. This way he commemorates their final point of travelling: the Cook Islands.
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While swimming underwater he finds a tied up dead girl. But as soon as he decides to call the police, her body disappears. But Kyle is perfectly sure he saw what he saw and it couldn’t be a mistake. Kyle and Budgie feel desperate getting sucked into the myths of Maori deeper and deeper. They get constant hallucinations filled with mysterious symbols, myths and frightening visions.
Finally they reveal the real meaning of Kyle’s tattoo. Now they have to differentiate between the reality and things that Kyle sees all the time.
The cast:
Joe Layton played the role of Kyle Connor, Theo Barklem-Biggs acted as Pete ‘Budgie’ Griffiths, Barry Atsma played the role of Dries, Alexander Tarrant, Temuera Morrison and Shushila Takao as Maui Vaipiti, Anaru Vaipiti and Aumea Vaipiti. Cian Elyse White acted as Lara, Tai Berdinner-Blades as Tyler and Kirk Torrance as Reverend Calcott.

Facts and more

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Critics didn’t give a positive feedback to the series. Newspapers and web resources gave a very negative critical reception. The show was called weak and a “must-miss” series with terribly annoying characters.
Most part of the viewers agree that the show needs boosting. Though the show was quite a surprising stuff for BBC. The twist is intriguing and the cinematography is awesome.

Season 2?

Looks like there are no upcoming broadcasts of this show and there’s no official confirmation for the beginning of another season of it. If you really love this thrilling series, keep your fingers crossed!


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