Tales by Light Season 3

Tales by Light Season 3 Release Date


Tales by Light is a documental TV serial with lots of reality moments. It was made and created in Australia, so you will be very happy to see it. The season premiere was in May in the year of 2015, but now we have a good news – the third season of the beloved serial was already launched. The Tales by Light 3 Season release date is the 18th of December in the year of 2016.


Among the cast of Actors, we must mention the following talented characters:

  • Art Wolfe.
  • Justin Brim.
  • Shane Denherder.
  • Peter Eastway.
  • Richard I`Anson.
  • Darren Jew.
  • Krystle Wright.

The director of the serial is Abraham Joffe. As for the producers, here we must mention Abraham Joffe, Fred El-Harris, Jason McLean.


In each new episode of that serial, you will see the installments, which are devoted to different matters and subjects. Here you will see tribes, adrenaline, wild, submerged, Himalaya and panorama. All the respective subjects will be explored in the new season, so you will have an opportunity to see the life on the remote locations. Also, you must pay your attention to the photographers, which will appear in the episodes rather often. They have the names Art Wolfe, Peter Eastway, Richard l`Anson, Darren Jew and Krystle Wright. Also here you will see such talented people with great work experience, as Jonathan and Angela Scott, Eric Cheng, Stephen Dupont.

The serial is so unexpected and unusual because you will never know, what they will do in the future and what are their Main tasks in life.


The duration of each new episode can be different, so you will see the series, which lasts for 30 or 60 minutes. That period of time will be enough for you to understand, that this serial must be watched from the very beginning. Pay attention, that each season has its own idea, so you wouldn’t have any problems while watching it and enjoying all the appeared moments.

This series was created only for adults, so you mustn’t watch it with your children.

Such information, as season air date is needed when we describe one or another serial. 

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