Taboo Season 2

When this or that popular and already great actor participates in any series, this causes a great resonance among the public. The same thing happened with a new series Taboo, which started on the British television channel BBC One in early 2017. The main actor here is the famous Tom Hardy, and the participation of the actor of this level in the show is almost certain to guarantee the project success. The first new episode was viewed by a large number of people, who are already interested in the fact about when Taboo season will air with season 2. Release date of the next season hasn’t been mentioned yet, but the audience not long ago got nice news: Taboo is officially renewed for another part. The next season premiere is yet to be announced, but it’s already known that the series will return in 2018, and its coming is surely being awaited with impatience.

Authors and Producers

The first and long awaited season release date was scheduled for January 7, 2017. The whole season contained 8 episodes each running a little less than one hour. The last episode was presented to the public February 25, 2017.
Taboo Season 2 date release

The directors making the series are Kristoffer Nyholm and his colleague Anders Engström. The script of the show was written by Edward Hardy, Tom Hardy himself and Steven Knight. All these people are justly called the main creators of Taboo.

There are also the people responsible for presenting of the next season air date and promoting the story in mass media. They are producers, and among them are worth noting the following ones:

  • Kate Crowe;
  • Dean Baker;
  • Ridley Scott;
  • Matthew Read;
  • Tom Lesinski;
  • Liza Marshall;
  • Stewart Till and some others.

The networks broadcasting Taboo on TV are BBC One (the British channel) and FX (the network in the US). The companies producing the series and preparing the second season start are Scott Free London and Hardy Son & Baker.
Taboo Season 2

Plot Review and Cast

The main character of the project is a charismatic James Keziah Delaney, a man who spent more than ten years in Africa. But suddenly he returns to England and, as it turns out, he has done it for the sole purpose of avenging the death of his father. But this is not the only intrigue of the series: Delaney also brings 14 extremely expensive diamonds, and now he has to join a dangerous fight.

The actors participating in Taboo are talented, and some of them are real Hollywood stars:

  • Tom Hardy, presenting James Keziah Delaney;
  • Jonathan Pryce, acting as Sir Stuart Strange;
  • Edward Hogg, whose character is Godfrey;
  • David Hayman in the role Brace;
  • Oona Chaplin, presenting Zilpha Geary;
  • Leo Bill, acting as Benjamin Wilton, and many others.

Taboo Season 2

Official Renewal and Viewers’ Expectations

It’s already not known when new season two will air, but the audience is glad to know that the series is going to be renewed in 2018. The current rating of the show on IMDB is 8.8/10, which is very high; thus, many viewers’ interest is proved by this figure. Stay tuned to know the schedule of an upcoming season of Taboo and be one of the first to find out its schedule.

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