Taboo Season 1 Release Date

Taboo Season 1 Release Date


FX presets the brand new historical TV series with Tom Hardy in the main role. According to its press-release, the TV show has already been renewed for the second season, long before its first season release.

Taboo season 1 premiere planned by FX for Q3 of 2016. It means that Taboo season release date is expected at fall of 2016. Let’s wait for the official date, since the season is currently in production. There is no information about the release date of Taboo season 1 on DVD or Bluray.


The main role in Taboo season 1 episode 1 was given to Tom Hardy who participated in Revenant and Mad Max to name the few movies. Along with Hardy we will see such actors as Leo Bill, Oona Chaplin, Richard Dixon, David Hayman, Michael Kelly, Danny Ligairi and Jonathan Pryce. The director of the show is Kristoffer Nyholm who has already filmed the historical series Endeavour.


In Taboo season 1 the story takes place in 1813. In the center of the plot is the traveler James Delaney, which in recent times has managed to earn good money on diamonds mined in South Africa. But James did not give rest to the fact that the murderer of his father’s remains unpunished and at liberty. James decided in whatever was to find the villain and take revenge on him for the loss of a loved one. Himself without realizing it, James links his destiny with dangerous people. Our hero begin to blackmail, so he handed his business. From that moment the war begins Delaney with all enemies that stand in his way. Who will win it?

Interesting Facts

  • In Taboo season 1 premiere there will be no more than 8 episodes;
  • The series will have two release date – one (earlier) in the UK and the second in the USA and worldwide;
  • The production of Taboo season 1 premiere is happening in London;
  • Steven Knight had already worked with Hardy in the project Peaky Blinders and Locke.

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