The Syndicate – Series 4

The Syndicate - Series 4 Release Date

The general information

The Syndicate – the British television drama created by Kay Mellor. The plot is based on incredible history: a group of poor people became rich in a blink, having won the jackpot.

The cast

Each season had a new cast, who will star in THE SEASON 4 is unknown, as well as the plot. In the previous series starred such actors as Spall Timothy, Lewis Matthew, Finneran Siobhan, Steadman Alison, Berrington Elizabeth, Hill Melanie, Henry Lenny, Theobold Cara and others.   

The plot of the previous series

The Syndicate Season 3, which was started on June 2, 2015, and loved by the BBC One viewers. The audience of the channel was looking forward to the new season.

Even if you did not look the previous seasons, a new episode will be clear for you. In the previous three seasons was told histories about different groups of people which have guessed numbers and have won in a lottery.

  1. In the first season, we have learned about fates of supermarket employees.
  2. The second season has told us about hospital workers and how they won millions.
  3. The heroes of the third season became members of known home in Yorkshire.

A little more about the third season. The protagonists were five employees. For several years they conducted research and through statistical analysis derived a range of winning numbers lottery. When their place of work was in a difficult financial situation and was on the verge of closing, they won 14 million British pounds that helped them to solve there seemed to be a hopeless situation.

A promise

British drama unambiguously had a success, the BBC does not give official comments about the season air date of the next series. However, there is an objective reason for the release of the new season – rating each season exceeded 5 million viewers. We look forward to the official announcement of the season premiere. The success of the previous seasons couldn’t guarantee that the series wouldn’t be closed, but we believe in the best and expect the release of the new series. We will continue to follow BBC news to keep you track of the Syndicate.

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The Syndicate: Trailer – BBC One

The Syndicate: Episode 3 Trailer – BBC One

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