Sweet/Vicious Season 2


Sweet/Vicious is a very interesting TV serial, which was made in America. The season premiere was on September in the year of 2015, but the second one is available for the fans and the people, who want to know more about it. The Sweet/Vicious 2 Season release date is the 17th of December in the year of 2016.


That amazing serial is created by the most talented people. As for the cast of actors, here you must also name the next talented people:

  • Eliza Bennett.
  • Taylor Dearden.
  • Brandon Mychal Smith.
  • Nick Fink.
  • Aisha Dee.
  • Lindsay Chambers.
  • Dylan McTee.
  • Skyler Day.

Sweet/Vicious Season 2 date release

The directors of the serial are Todd Biermann, Bria Dannelly, Joseph Kahn, Elodie Keene, Leslie Libman, Rebecca Thomas. The producers are Robert West, Emily Levitan, Stacey Sher, Amanda Lasher, Liz Newman, Jennifer Kaylin Robinson, M. Scott Veach.


In the new season of the serial, you will see the two beautiful girls in the center of attention. Among them, we must mention Jules Thomas and Ophelia Mayer. They are the two talented students, who bring justice and are robbed on the college campus.
Sweet/Vicious Season 2

In the new episodes you will see, how this amazing duo will become wannabe vigilantes. And in the first cases, in which they appear, girls use the guys as the potential victims. They do the meetings in order to attach them and very often among the passengers, there are lots of vulnerable and drunk people.

But, despite all their approaches to this deal and all the mistakes, they didn’t give up and girls hope to reach such an aim.
Sweet/Vicious Season 2


This serial is so exciting and fancy because here you will see the three genres, as action, black comedy, comedy-drama. So, people, who want to have fun and to watch the serial with an unusual plot, will be very lucky to watch this.

You mustn’t forget, that this serial was created for adult people because only they will estimate the plot and the main idea of the serial. The new episode must be watched as soon as possible – you will be satisfied with it.

Such information, as season air date is needed when we describe one or another serial.

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