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Are you fond of detective stories? If you answer is positive, let’s join our team of fans of the series under the title “Swedish Dicks”. Who are these Dicks? In order to answer this question, you need to read our article and watch the upcoming series about the career of crime investigators. Thus, let’s looking forward to the following season that is to come with Keanu Reeves performing one of the main roles.

Basic info you need to know

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”Swedish Dicks” is nothing but a serial in the genre of comedy. It is created by The Viking Brothers, Andrew Lowery and Peter Settman.
The main acting crew consists of such people as Peter Stormare (Fargo) and Swedish comedian Johan Glans.
This show is developed in Los Angeles. The home network that will launche the serial is Viaplay. It is considered to be by the way a flagship Nordic TV stream and a part of the MTG-group.
Let’s say some words about the plot. The principal cast members Stormare and Glans depict a pair of unpatented detectives in Sweden who work in a private way.
Eventually, the principal character’s miserable life makes a certain virage when he meets Axel (Glans), a former and somehow experienced DJ. They unite their abilities and open their own company titled “Swedish Dicks”. Their firm is to deal with the crime investigation.
They are to turn into a united crew in order embark on the most complicated cases in LA, but when Ingmar’s past overtakes them they have nothing to do but to unfold the murder mystery of Ingmar’s former stunt buddy Tex (played by Keanu Reeves by the way).
As the developers state, their show is an inspiring mixture of light and dark humor, The things presented in the series are both silly and smart.
The show is perfect due to the reason that in each episode a different case is investigated. This, in fact, adds considerably to the film containing much more action.

Is Keanu Reeves really going to star in the series?

Swedish Dicks with Kianu Rivz
It is not a secret to any person all around the world that Keanu Reeves is considered to be one of the most popular actors known especially for his role in “Matrix” franchise. He turns every film in which he is participating into a hit of theaters worldwide bringing to the box office a great income.
His latest role is reckoned to be a former stuntman buddy of Stormare’s character. It’s a joke really. Keanu is to join the acting crew of “Swedish Dicks” to add a stream of fresh air to the series.
However, it is known currently that he will emerge only in a number of episodes in the show. But as they say, something is better than nothing.

Release details

Unfortunately, the Swedish Dicks release date remains now unknown. However, the developers assure us that the debut will take place later this 2016 year. They also note that other international TV companies show a keen interest to this series. So the broadcast can be made not exclusively on Viaplay. Stay tuned in order not to miss a chance to know the launch date of the series.

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