Swamp People. Season 8


Swamp People eight-episode is an American reality, which will present you the activities, which appear in Louisiana city. Here live the swamps. They have the aim to hunt on American alligators. Despite on the complexities, which can be on their way, they reach their aims and the results are great.


The eight season is full of talented actors. The play of the 8th season is rather great, so you can enjoy it at all. Here you can see these people:

  • Troy Landry.
  • Jacob Yob Landry.
  • Bruce Mitchell.
  • William Willie Edwards.
  • Glenn Guist.
  • Paul Molinere.
  • Chase Landry.
  • Ron Methvin.
  • Guy Landry.
  • Daniel Edgar.
  • Joey Edgar.
  • Dorien Edgar.
  • Gerard Gee Singleton.

The serial is developed by Dolores Gavin. The composers are Don DiNicola, Bruce Hanifan, and Brian Deming. As for the executive producer, here we must mention Jay Peterson, who made a great work under this cinema masterpiece.


The eight season of that serial begins on Wednesday. The events were in September. This time people work as hunters on alligators, because they believe, that such deal will bring them the best income. That wasn’t very easy for them, but they believe, that everything could be at the highest level.

Here they spent only thirty days. But such period of time was really risky for each member of the group. The results of their work were amazing. You can watch it understand, what we mean.


It was filmed in the United States. Here you can enjoy the unusual story with an exciting plot. If you like to see serials of such king, the eighth season will be the best.

The Swamp People season 8 release date was the fourth May in the year 2016. So, if you had seen the previous seasons, that one will be the most exciting. Alligator hunters are brave people because their lives are always in danger. There was nothing, which scares them, so it is rather interesting to see such story.

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