“Survivor`s remorse” Season 3

"Survivor`s remorse" Season 3


"Survivor`s remorse" (Season 3, release date – July 24, 2016) is a comedy television series about the basketball player that quickly acquired fame and who is from a poor district of Philadelphia.

The series will show the world in which professional basketball players live, and also describes various kinds of troubles occurring with those who have achieved great success. In the center of the plot of the television series is Cam Calloway, the greatest master of skillful basketball. He has received international recognition in the age of twenty, after he signed a contract worth several million with the basketball team, a member of the professional league.


  • Lee RonRiko,
  • Jessie Usher,
  • Eric Esch,
  • Teyona Parris,
  • Ticino Arnold
  • Mike Epps,
  • Christopher Bauer
  • Spencer Garrett,
  • Megan Tandy,
  • Ser’Darius Blaine


Cam Calloway is incredibly talented and successful basketball player who began his career in one of the most disadvantaged areas of Philadelphia. Repentance series of third part reveals all the hidden side of the thorny path of the athlete. How much pain and loss endured guy to eighteen years of age to become a NBA star, it just known by him and his cousin Reggie Vaughn, with whom he achieved incredible heights.

Even in junior Cam became interested in sports, because the only way it was possible to survive on the streets. The stronger you become, the harder it was to get you, and botanists were not held in high esteem. The guy tried not to bully, but he often had to stand up for his brother. They always tried to help each other. They are together in their studies, fights and everyday situations.

It continued even after they have grown up and gained worldwide fame. Often, the brothers had to step over their principles, because the stakes were high. After so many years, when the street life was left far behind, Cam began to torment remorse. He tries to understand his mistakes and if possible – to fix them.


The producer of the television series is a basketball player LeBron James.

It was learned that the cable channel Starz extended comedy repentance survivor in the fourth season.

Critics do not cease to call the show one of the smartest and funniest comedies on television.

Starz’s intentions to move its original broadcast the show on Saturday were unsuccessful, and the comedy audience immediately rose by 20 percent compared with the second season and 60% in comparison with the first. The third season is now watched by 2.9 million.

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