Surveillance Oz Season 5

Surveillance Oz Season 5 Release Date


Surveillance Oz is a factual TV series, which was made and produced in Australia. The season premiere was on October in the year of 2012, but now we are ready to present the 5th season. The Surveillance Oz 5 Season release date is the 27th of August in the year of 2016.


Here among the Actors in the cast, we must mention the only one woman by the name Victoria Motorists. She will present you all the stories in such a brilliant manner, so you will have a great delight while watching this serial.


This serial has the Main aim to present an ordinary people, how surveillance camera in Victoria, Australia works. The Main person, who have the idea to do it, has an access to all CCTV cameras, so you will see, how the production team works and what are the Main risks of such a work.

In the new season, you will see the risks on different roads and other transportation systems. Here a lot of different spaces will be shown. In the new episodes, you will see road rage, domestic disputes, serious accidents, drunk drivers on the roads and even the acts of vandalism – the audience must know everything about it because in our days there are a lot of danger around us.

Each time you will be shown the new videos, so while watching it, you wouldn’t have any problems, but you will have a lot of wars. When you will go to one or another side of the street, you must be very attentive, because people, cars, and other things can bring you danger.


It is so important to watch such shows, to know, what happened in the modern world. You can start to watch it at any suitable time and from any episode – it doesn’t matter, because it is rather easy to catch the Main idea of each season.

The running time of one new episode is about 30 minutes, but you must be ready for those, that it can be different. You mustn’t have so many free time to watch this serial episode by episode, so you can turn the show on in any suitable moment for you.

You wouldn’t think, that such a show will be a real waste of time, we guarantee you this.

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