Superstore Season 3

Superstore is a single-camera sitcom created and released in the USA. The release was carried out by NBC channel with the first season release date on the 30th of November 2015. The creator of the series and the author of the original idea is Justin Spitzer. He also is the executive producer of the project. The cast includes America Ferrera (she also serves as the executive producer of the series) and Ben Feldman. The plot of every episode of the show revolves around a team of employees from Cloud 9 – a fictional big box store in Missouri. Superstore season 3 release date hasn’t been announced yet, but the producers have further plans for the series.


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Every new episode of the series presents a look at the everyday life of employees of a big box store.

Cast & Characters

  • America Ferrera portrays Amy Dubanowski. Works in Cloud 9 for eleven years. She started as a simple associate. Eventually, she was promoted to a supervisor and later to an assistant manager. Now she portrays the manager of the store.
  • Ben Feldman portrays a sales associate of Cloud 9 store named Jonah. Participated in the pilot all together with Mateo.
  • Lauren Ash portrays an assistant of manager in the store named Dina Fox.
  • Colton Dunn portrays an associate of Cloud 9 named Garrett McNeill. He’s half paralyzed.
  • Nico Santos portrays another associate of Cloud 9. Was hired together with Jonah.
  • Nichole Bloom portrays a pregnant associate of the store named Cheyenne Tyler Lee. Starts the series as a 17-year-old student.
  • Mark McKinney portrays a store manager of Cloud 9 named Glenn Sturgis.
  • Johnny Pemberton portrays a wannabe rapper named Bo Derek Thompson. He’s also the father of Cheyenne baby.
  • Kaliko Kauahi portrays one of the employees of Cloud 9 named Sandra. Has troubles while communicating with her colleagues.
  • Josh Lawson portrays a pharmacist of Cloud 9 named Tate Stasklewicz. He’s sarcastic, rude, and selfish.
  • Linda Porter portrays the oldest employee of Cloud 9 named Myrtle. She’s forgetful which often makes her feel confused.

Superstore Season 3 Cast

3rd Season Air Date

On the 23rd of February 2016, the show was prolonged for one season more to premiere on the 22nd of September 2016. Season 2 consisted of 22 episodes. A special episode was released in the second half of August 2016. We will share more info on Superstore in its third installment when NBC announces more relevant info on the schedule of the channel.


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