Superstore Season 2

A fresh portion of humor is guaranteed with watching the new serial under the title “Superstore”. Aired only from November of the preceding year, the project has been already revived by its developers on the order coming on time from the producers of the NBC channel.

Focusing on the production issues

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The serial under the short name “Superstore” is made originally as a situational comedy aired since the beginning of January this year following the release of two pilot episodes on the home channel called NBC in November 2015.
The head of the creative team is reckoned to be Justin Spritzer who has been working in a tight collaboration with his crew under the umbrella of such production companies as Spritzer Holding Company, The District and Universal Television.
The acting cast turns to be spearheaded by America Ferrera.

Plot summary

First and foremost, the story depicted in the project turns to be set as the title needs it in a large and imagined superstore referred to as Cloud 9. This store has a number of employees working there including a pregnant woman, a paraplegic, veterans and newbies, a Latina and a gay Asian, eccentrics and others.
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The story is considered to be not quite unique in its nature. It follows attempts to build up relationships, various rivalries, and other issues in personal lives of the workers in this store. The serial is packed with specific humor indeed and you feel it being quite special right from the beginning of the pioneer episode.

What is about the serial acceptance?

The sweeping victory of this newcomer cannot be in fact contended. The serial comes to be wildly successful and this fact can be proved by the reviews of both critics and common viewers. Specifically, a talented acting crew and a promising plot are highlighted as the principal advantages of this series among other familiar ones.
But there are also some things for which the project has been bashed. For example, the narrative of the first several episodes was accepted as something illogical though with unveiling the remaining installments the situation improved.
As for the reviews on different websites, it should be mentioned that the series is evaluated in quite average numbers but mostly positive commentaries following them. The amount of viewership is impressive comprising about 7 million watchers.
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Following the recent news from developers

As for the information received at the end of this past February, the discussed series is going to return to TV screens. The news was confirmed formally by the head of the producing team of NBC.
As the matter stands, there is no information concerning the Superstore season 2 release date. In fact, there is no wonder why. The fact is that the serial has been released in the form of the pioneer chapter relatively very recently. That’s why the producers need some time to develop the continuation of the story.


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