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In Supernatural season 12 the Winchester brothers are still traveling the world and helping people fight with a variety of creatures from the stories and beliefs of different peoples. The creators of the show say that if the rating will rise and so they will continue to shoot up to 20 seasons, going round the world and writing fairy tales and fables of all nations, though many and give negative feedback on the stories described in the series.

CW confirmed Supernatural season 12 release date for October 13, 2016. There is no information about the release date of Supernatural season 12 on Bluray and DVD.


In Supernatural season 12 episode 1 you can see such Actors – Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard            , Samantha Smith, Elizabeth Blackmore, Rick Springfield, etc.


This fascinating and mysterious Story in Supernatural season 12 premiere about the supernatural adventures of the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean for 12 seasons, battling the evil forces and help innocent people. Young brothers fighting with vampires, ghosts and spirits. But their most important goal is to find his father and revenge for the murder of his mother.

The long and fruitless search for her father in his hometown, influenced the relationship of Sam and his lover, in the end they had to leave for a while, and the guy went behind his brother Dean. Long way to be brothers in the United States, on the way, every time there are various vermin with which to contend.

Soon the desperate Sam bored of hunter’s life, he wants to give up the search for his father to come home and finish university, but does not know how to tell Dean. Besides the constant tense situation and does not allow Sam to throw the older brother in the battles with the evil spirits.

A year later, one of the demons killing unknown way beloved Sam. The Main character realizes that he is now no turning back, Sam is filled with terrible anger, he is full of anger and hatred, and now he takes a special predilection for the destruction of the demons.

Between the brothers there are misunderstandings, because by nature they are very different, and in some situations it is very difficult to find a common language. But my own blood, and the thought of what lies ahead is very dangerous and it is only feasible work, and if they do not, then who will kill all evil and save mankind.

As if in extreme quest, step-by-step brothers unravel the most brutal and parochial blunting, and the minute they come close to solving the disappearance of his own father. At a time when the family was reunited, the father was found, the Winchesters are thinking that now three of them and they will be easier to solve all problems, but it turned out to confront the demons only became harder.

It reMains to find the culprit with the death of a loving wife and mother, the characters go on the trail of the most powerful demon, which is not just to overcome, to the same demon is certain to younger brother Sam.

Sam previously had no idea that his ability to see the moment of death of the mother, and other conduct associated with it, connects it with the demon killer. Winchester Family will understand where this relationship and destroy the demon.

Interesting Facts

  • As for the spoilers of Supernatural season 12 episode 1, Lady Toni Bevell will return in Season 12, at last she appeared in Alpha and Omega;
  • The shooting of the twelfth season has already begun in Vancouver, Canada;
  • The release of the first season took place on the channel CW in September of 2005;
  • Once the TV universe of Supernatural was formally extended for the 12th season, the show received the official status – the longest and popular TV channel show on CW;
  • In the 6th episodes of the second season at the moment when Sam and Dean together with Joe looking at a case of a maniac, and cruel murderer Holmes, in the list of photos is the real photo of the victims of Jack the Ripper;
  • At first instead of Chevrolet Impala the creators planned to use in the TV series Ford Mustang model of 67;
  • In the first scenario, John Winchester was named Jack, just before shooting themselves on the initiative of the actor’s name was replaced;
  • In the episode "The Man with a Hook" when Dean wanders among the graves in the cemetery on one of the headstones is written in Russian letters: Sergey V. Petrov;
  • In the first episode when Sam explains favorite why he had to leave it by saying that his father had gone hunting and picked up for a Jose, Jack and Jim, he lists the names of whiskey, Jack Daniels, Jose Cuervo, Jim Beam, meaning that their father left in a binge;
  • In the second series of the ninth season, when Dean shoots Kevin from an automatic crossbow and misses, Dean meets Katniss, referring to the heroine of the franchise The Hunger Games;
  • In 2014, the head of the channel The CW, Mark Pedowitz in his public interviews said that the management of the channel is not going to finish the series Supernatural on the 10th anniversary season and after a while the show was officially continued for the 11th season;
  • They have plans not only on the 12th season, but for the upcoming two years at least.

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