Supernatural 11 Season Release Date

Supernatural 11 season release date

Supernatural 11 season release date was scheduled. Supernatural is a long-live TV show on CW channel and even now after ten years from the start of the show it manages to grip the attention of millions of faithful fans. One of the last episodes of the season finale 9 "Do you believe in miracles" was watched by more than two million viewers in just one US.

The channel CW’s boss Mark Pedowitz, in a conversation with journalists during a press tour in the summer of 2014 said that the project is not going to “close” Supernatural. The show will continue as long as Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles will have a desire to continue to acting The Winchesters.
The plot:
The TV series shows the adventures of two brothers who lead the unequal struggle against the dark forces. Traveling the country in his car Winchester brothers destroy evil falls, as well as helping people, discovering and revealing the essence of various strange phenomena.

Supernatural 11 season release date was rumored

Official confirmation:
Pedowitz admitted that he himself is a big fan of the project: "I would like to see as" Supernatural "is beyond the scope of the tenth season. I’m a big fan of the show. I’ve seen every episode and I am a big fan of Jared and Jensen. So if the popularity of the TV show will remain at the same level as now, and guys want to continue this work and further, that we will support the series. "
At the same time, Pedowitz adds that even if the show is over it will not mean a complete closure of Supernatural: “I would like to see Supernatural to give a birth to a great spin-off. I think it will be great for the franchise and give it a new breath.” As soon became known spin-off of the project will be called “Supernatural: Tribes”.
Supernatural 11 season release date is September or October 2015.
DVD release of Supernatural 11 season is scheduled for January or February of 2016.

Supernatural 11 season release date on Bluray is scheduled for the mid-term of 2016.
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