SuperMansion Release Date

SuperMansion Release Date


SuperMansion is a TV series of an American production. The main genre of this animated show is a comedy. Its creators are M. Senreich and Z. Wells. The main character is voiced by Bryan Cranston. The premiere of the show took place on 8 of Oct. 2015. The season 2 is currently being created and will be shown in 2017.


The characters of the series have been voiced by the following actors:

  • Titanium Rex has been voiced by Bryan Cranston,
  • Black Saturn has been voiced by Tucker Gilmore,
  • Both characters of American Ranger and Sgt Agony have been voiced by Keegan-Michael Key,
  • Jewbot has been voiced by Zeb Wells,
  • Lex has been voiced by Jillian Bell,
  • Brad has been voiced by Tom Root,
  • Cooch has been voiced by Heidi Gardner,
  • Groaner has been voiced by Clark Duke,
  • Seth Green has voiced a range of characters.


Titanium Rex is a superhero who is getting older. One day, the damage to the Washington Monument happens due to the attempt of superheroes to seize a criminal. That is why The Congress decides to stop the activity of the League because they are accused of misspending government budget money to entertain themselves. They are required to send Sgt Agony an expenditure report and he is really shocked by it and decides that the League wasted the money for entertainment. The decision was taken not to give the superheroes any money and send them on retirement.

Saturn stops his enemy named Groaner and then he is surprised to find out that Groaner does not think that Saturn is his enemy anymore. Later, Saturn finds out that his credit card was stolen by Groaner. Brad thinks that they have to falsify the records so that they could have more money from the government budget.

Rex finds out that one of his friends, Ted, dies. It is also clear that it was a murder. Rex thinks that it could have been one enemy from his past named Frowl Mantis. He thinks that he was a bad friend for Ted, with whom he has not spoken for forty years. Ranger is getting very angry at with Rex because he did not try enough to find Ted. Saturn wants to have a super pet and that is why he decides to get one and calls him Murder Pig. The pets desire to revenge for leaving them in Antarctica.


In was announced in 2015, that a new animated show would be launched by Crackle. The main cast of the show was also chosen in that year. The trailer of the show was shown on 9 of July 2015.

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