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Superior Donuts Season 1 Release Date


Superior Donuts is a comedian American TV series, which will amaze you by the greatest Actors and special extraordinary plot. The season premiere was in Chicago in the year of 2008, but now we want to pay your attention to the continuation of the Story. The Superior Donuts 1 Season release date is the November in the year of 2016.


In this amazing TV serial, you will see the most remarkable Actors in the cast. Some of them will appear each time, but the others will appear only in several episodes. So, the Main cast includes such people, as:

  • Stephen Guarino.
  • Alex O`Neill.
  • Anna Baryshnikov.
  • Rell Battle.
  • Michael Bunin.
  • Matt Cordova.

•    JerMaine Fowler.

The writers are Bob Daily, Garrett Donovan, Neil Goldman, Tracy Letts. The executive producers are Bob Daily, Garrett Donovan, JerMaine Fowler, Neil Goldman, Grant Johnson, John R. Montgomery, Mark Teitelbaum, Corey Wish. Patricia Barnett is here in the role of editor.


All the Story is centered on the unusual relationship, in which two people took place. Here in the Main roles, you will see despondent by the name Arthur Przybyszewski, who is a former radical. Now the events took place in the 1960s and he becomes an owner of the donut shop. It is located in the Uptown of Chicago. His love partner is a beautiful and energetic young African American assistant, who is ready to update the establishment with the healthy menu and live music.

Of course, in the previous years, they didn’t have the problems like this but now a lot of misunderstandings appear here and people, who know this pair, are in shock to know about it. But, despite all the difficulties, they have a great aim to become wiser and not to have the problems of such character. And they do a lot in order to reach this aim.


That amazing serial has an outstanding place for premiere – Steppenwolf Theatre Company. A lot of people were excited with this, but the Story continuation started to be available not so long ago.

Each new episode was made with the piece of soul, so you will be satisfied with this.

The season air date if an important information, because it will help to understand when the serial was launched. 

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Superior Donuts Season 1 1
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CBS Comedy ‘Superior Donuts’ to Premiere in February 2017


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