Sunday Best Season 9

Sunday Best Season 9 Release Date


On BET Channel Sunday Best Season 9 started to launch.

Sunday Best is a reality television season premiere in which you will see a lot of interesting events. Each season the serial will show you, how hard is the work of judges on the competition.  Besides, here you will have an opportunity to see, who is the best in this deal.


As you could understand, it is a reality show, in which a lot of people took place. So, here you wouldn’t see professional actors with brilliant play. But it doesn’t mean, that it wouldn’t be interesting for you.

Here in the cast, we must mention the winners of competitions. Among them you must know:

  • Crystal Aikin.
  • Y`Anna Crawley.
  • Le`Andria Johnson.
  • Amber Bullock.
  • Joshua Rogers.
  • Tasha Page-Lockhart.
  • Geoffrey Golden.
  • Dathan Thigpen.

The producers of such show are D`Angela Proctor Steed, Kirk Franklin, Tina Campbell, and Nia T. Hill.


In that seasons you will see young and talented singers. Among them, we must mention about Kierra Sheard, Yolanda Adams, and Donnie McClurkin. Here you will see the competition between singers, who have the aim to become a winner.

In the 9th season here will be the strongest competition in the world. All the singers are the members of previous competitions. Each of them is full of voice and want to be the best one. This time the situation is changed a little because even the voting system become another. Here not only judges will decide, who is the best, but the viewers can also take part in it.

Do you believe in second chance? We are sure, that everybody could have it. So people, who didn’t become winners, will have an opportunity to take part in the show in the next season.


Sunday Best is the name of such show because you can watch it every Sunday. If you like to spend time with your family, you will have an opportunity to watch this show and to have a pleasure time. Here are no limits for adults or kids, so any person, who like to watch TV will be happy to see the competition, in which different singers and talented judges appeared.

The duration of one new episode is 60 minutes. So, we can say, that each program is like little film – you wouldn’t have any problem to find the free time and watch it. The Sunday Best 9 Season release date is the 9th of February in the year of 2016. When we talk about the season air date, we will also use that information.

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