Suits Season 6

Unusual plot twists, a high-quality script, a great acting – all this can be found in the outstanding American law drama series called Suits on USA Network channel. The creators of the show have made sure that the viewer until the last moment will not know what the finale scene of this or that scene will be connected with, so during all the seasons since 2011 the fans of the project are in constant tension.

The latest fifth season of Suits was a great success. The lovers of the series are looking forward to a coming show, and the main question that worries them is as follows: when does Suits season 6 premiere? Release date of the coming new episode is already known: the sixth season premiere is scheduled for July 13, 2016. It is expected that the next part of the project will be as interesting as before.
Suits Season 6 date release

Creators Crew

Season 1 was aired on June 23, 2011. The latest season release date took place on August 11, 2014. For all this broadcasting period the audience has watched 76 episodes (42 minutes is an average running time). The creator of the project is Aaron Korsh known for his scripts and work on American TV.

The main producers are:

  • Dave Bartis (an executive producer from the US);
  • Doug Liman (a well-known American producer and director);
  • Gabriel Macht;
  • Gene Klein;
  • Patrick J. Adams.

Suits Season 6

The channel broadcasting the show is USA Network. The leading producing company is Universal Cable Productions.

Cast Members

The list of the main characters of Suits includes the following ones:

  • Mike Ross (the role is played by Patrick J. Adams). A handsome young man is characterized with a brilliant mind which helps him in his law activity;
  • Harvey Specter (an actor from the US Gabriel Macht). This man is a real lawyer shark. He is a charismatic young man with personal moral principles and beliefs;
  • Louis Litt (an American respected actor Rick Hoffman). He is Harvey’s friend, a most sensitive man loving art and his cat;
  • Donna Paulsen (a film and TV actress Sarah Rafferty). She is Harvey’s secretary and legal confidant. Despite rare misunderstanding their relationship with Harvey remains confidential.
  • Suits Season 6

    Terms of Return

    An amazing success of Suits is rather predictable. The renewed series is being awaited because of a catching and interesting plot despite even such a trivial subject as law. All the air dates were being looked forward to: the first season premiere was watched by about 2.2 million viewers. Nowadays the series rating on a famous website IMDB is of 8.7/10, which is highly a great result.

    The sixth season air date is already known: the show is to be released July 13, 2016. The schedule of future episodes haven’t been announced, so stay tuned to get all the information when new episodes are presented.

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