Submission Season 2

Submission is an erotic thriller TV series released in the USA. That’s a miniseries with Jacky St. James and Paul Fishbein serving as the creators of the series. The cast includes Ashlynn Yennie, Skin Diamond, Justin Berti and Victoria Levine. The first season release date is the 12th of May 2016. Submission season 2 release date is still to be announced for the upcoming year.


The plot of the series revolves around the main heroine named Ashley (portrayed by Ashlynn Yennie) and her journey from senseless tiring relationship to BDSM and its unpredictable pleasures. Everything starts with a novel written by Nolan Keats. This event turns her life upside down.
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Main Cast

  • Ashlynn Yennie portrays the main character, a young girl named Ashley Pendleton. She’s experienced tiring and extremely negative relationship with her ex. One day she explores the world of BDSM when she reads an erotic novel about it. She realizes that this very thing is something she’s been always fond of, but she’s never realized it. With every new episode, she reveals pleasures of this charming and enigmatic world plunging deeper and deeper in this atmosphere of lust and extreme limitless pleasures.
  • Justin Berti portrays a BDSM practitioner named Elliott. He communicates with Dylan and finds interest in Ashley. Gradually he dips her into his practices.
  • Victoria Levine portrays a friend of Ashley named Jules. Finds Ashley a place to live and keeps a number of dark secrets behind her back.
  • Skin Diamond portrays the roommate of Jules named Dylan Quinn. She works for Elliot, recruiting girls for his practices.
  • Kevin Nelson portrays the owner of a local coffee bar named Raif. He’s interested in Ashley, but tries not to express it freely.
  • Submission Season 2

  • Nika Khitrova portrays one of the bosses of Jules named Scarlet. Has sexual affair with Jules. Eventually, Jules, Tomas and Scarlet get into a polyfidelituous sexual relationship.
  • Brent Harvey portrays a boss of Jules and a husband of Scarlet named Tomas.


Jacky St. James, the one responsible for this creation several times said that she had been unsatisfied with Fifty Shades of Grey movie and novel. BDSM was portrayed abusive and this is not the real situation. She decided to express her personal view on the world of BDSM portraying everything correctly, the way lovers of BDSM prefer it. The relationships of characters demonstrate trust, mutual respect and warm, sincere communication. BDSM is a lot healthier than most people think. That’s the director’s point of view.
Submission Season 2

2nd Season Air Date

There’s no info on the official release of the next season of Submission. The show received a number of missed reviews, but the producers have no plans to cancel the project. When we find out more about the release of new episodes of Submission season 2, we will let you know – don’t forget to subscribe.

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