Submission Season 2

The new erotic drama on Showtime is next door to cancellation now, for the results from the pioneer broadcast are definitely low. Let’s wait for some time in order to hear the official verdict from developers. Keep your chin up and continue monitoring the situation together with our service!

About the series in Brief

Submission is a Showtime erotic drama series, which first debut has been arranged rather recently. The first installment is the latest one, as of today, and includes six episodes with the duration of half an hour each.
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The series comes to be created by Jacky St. James, the internationally known director of movies for adults. Paul Fishbein assists in resolving the directorial matters.
Plausible Films is the studio behind the project with the executives named Fishbein, St. James and Darren Roberts. The acting cast is led by Ashlynn Yennie, the performer of the central heroine.

Plot Summary

The story in this series reminds the Fifty Shades of Grey movie in many ways. Yet this one is much more daring and honest in depicting the sexual practices as they are without those excessive romantics found in the movie.
The main heroine is Ashley. She has broken up with his boyfriend just recently with their relationships have been leaving much to be desired. Yet the bad outcome is also a result and now she should move further.
Once she comes across a popular BDSM-themed novel and starts a hazardous journey of sexual exploration and awakening. Being involved in a love triangle, she comes to reveal all the numerous myths around various sexual practices.
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Low Ratings and Chances of Renewal

The series is experiencing not so favorable attitude from the side of ordinary watchers. The viewership constituting about 50 thousand viewers and an average 5.6 IMDb score are another proofs that the series is nothing but a failure in the eyes of ordinary watchers. Nevertheless, as the viewership has achieved the point of 0.1 million people starting from the release of the second episode, the chances that the series will be renewed for another run in the future still exists though they are slim.
As for the response from critics, it is more positive. Critics are noting that the erotic drama can be praised for the intrigue and the innovative manner in which the developers have revealed the subject matter.
How have you perceived the erotic series? Is it a high-quality cinematography product, according to your personal point-of-view? Share your thoughts with us via commenting on below the article!
To make a long story short, the series has some potential of renewal. The developers still have some time to think everything over in order to render the right verdict.
So far, surely, there is no expecting the exposal of the Submission season 2 release date, at least until the resumption is confirmed. Stay tuned with us for more info!

Update: Submission Season 2 Status Update

Unfortunately, we can’t say anything more or less concrete on the matter. At least, the series hasn’t been canceled, so there’s that. On the other hand, it’s still pending for a renewal. And has been for a long time. We understand that such news is far from satisfying but that’s how things are.
If you’re our subscriber, don’t worry about missing the release date. When and if it’s out, we will notify you immediately.


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