“Submission” Season 1

"Submission" Season 1


"Submission" (Season 1, release date – May 12, 2016) – it is a fascinating series that tells disturbing Story about a young girl Ashley, who is in a relationship with Vincent, but she does not feel happy, because man, despite the efforts can not satisfy her in bed. She was sorely lacking the sense that it receives during the process, while her boyfriend did not care about foreplay. After breaking up with Vincent after a joyless sexual encounter, our heroine, having collected all the things moved to her best friend Jules, who hospitably let her stay for a while until Ashley got a job, got an opportunity to pay for her own accommodation.


In the project you can see such Actors as:

  • Ashlynn Yennie,
  • Justin Berti
  • Skin Diamond,
  • Victoria Levine,
  • Kevin Nelson
  • Nick Khitrova,
  • Brent Harvey
  • Richie Calhoun,
  • Sara Love,
  • Valerie Baber.


The series "Submission" is the Story of a new stage in the life of a girl. She is an Interesting and successful. Career develops quite successfully; work for the heroine is an important aspect that she tries not to leave in the background. Near always close friends who feel the situation at the slightest change in tone. Yes, and relatives did not slip, loving and understanding. But there is one thing that is very concerned about the girl. She did not arrange her personal life. At first, it did not upset the heroine, but the more she tried to find her prince, the more disappointed in the opposite field.

Once she spent an evening with a book by the name "Slave" by Niolan Kitts. Subjects of literary work were very erotic, sensuality stirred up dormant party heroine. She knew what a man she wants, it should be just the writer. Now she began to look for this pen genius. If strongly aspire to something, then do it. So the young lady was attacked on the trail of a man desired. I knew she would, what price will have to pay for the fulfillment of desires. Yes, all that is described in the book, all the sex scenes have been realized, but how to feel, if you are not one of a man. How to respond to the love triangle?


An intriguing series has received mostly positive reviews from critics, praised for its innovative approach. Unfortunately the rating of the project is not too high (5/10).

There are no plans for a second season has not yet announced, but a tantalizing Story clearly expecting her to continue and there is a certain potential in this erotic drama.

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