Stranger Things Season 1 Release Date

Stranger Things Season 1 Release Date


Netflix is about to present its audience with a new drama series currently in 2016. Created by Duffers, Ross  & Matt, the new application has all chances to become the service’s top show  & audience’ favorite. Don’t miss the new fascinating drama which is slated to debut in summer of 2016.

According to Netflix’ press release, Stranger Things season 1 release date will happen on July 15, 2016. All episodes will be available for binge-watching at the first day of the premiere.


The new drama series written  & directed by Matt Duffer  & Ross Duffer (Wayward Pines, Hidden) consists of eight, one-hour long episodes. 

The Main roles – a single mother, Joyce, whose child has disappeared, and the sheriff of the city, where there are mysterious events – have been approved for Winona Ryder, whose fame brought pictures of Beetle Juice, Edward Scissorhands and Girl, Interrupted and familiar to viewers from the movie Quantum of Solace David Harbour. In the role of Jonathan, his older brother Will starred Charlie who debuted in the TV series  DCI Banks and the role of Nancy, the eldest sister of Mike went to Natalia Dyer known for her work in movie I Believe in Unicorns) and Hannah Montana: The Movie. Lonnie, the ex-wife Joyce and Will’s father is played by Ross Partridge whose list of works consists of more than forty movies.


The United States, 1980s. A small town in Indiana led a quiet and unremarkable existence, but since here in broad daylight mysteriously disappeared 12-ades Will (Noah Shnapp), its inhabitants, for which the event was a complete surprise, lost the peace. The search for the missing boy without a trace, which was attended not only by his mother (Winona Ryder) and the local sheriff (David Harbour), but also ordinary citizens, despite all the efforts have not yielded any results. Meanwhile, Will’s best friend, Mike (Finn Volfhard), not relying on the police began their own investigation. As a result, attempts to find the trail in the forest Will he meets a girl (Milli Bobby Brown), which as a result of secret experiments was endowed with extraordinary abilities. Further searches led Michael into the thick of the events taking place at the behest of powerful opposing forces.

Interesting Facts

  • Stranger Things season 1 set in Indiana, is a love letter to the ‘80s classics which captivated a generation;
  • Along with Stranger Things season 1 episode 1 premiere, Netflix announced their plans for a trio of new applications, featuring Kong, Black Mirror & Jessica Jones;
  • On the launch of the project it was entitled Montauk which was subsequently renamed as Stranger Things, TV network Netflix announced in early April 2015 and in January 2016 was named the date of the premiere TV Show – July 15, 2016.

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