Stranger Things

Are you ready for the terrifying quest? If yes, join the acting crew of the upcoming series under the title “Stranger Things” on their way of finding answers to strange questions and unfolding the truth step by step during the progression of the peisodes.


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Stranger Things is expected to a brilliant example of  a supernatural TV drama. The production company is presented by Duffer Brothers.
The scriptwriter and also the director of the series are the positions that are united in two persons, two brothers named Matt and Ross Duffer. They are famous for such projects as “Wayward Pines” and “Hidden”. Karl Gajdusek, known for “Last Resort”, Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen, famous for “Night at the Museum,” “Real Steel,”  have also joined the team of executive producers and showrunners.
It is interesting that the primary name for the serial is reckoned to be “Montauk”.
The playing main crew includes Winona Rider, Finn Wolfhard (the boy by the way has appeared already in such pictures as “Aftermath” and “The Resurrection.”), and David Harbour.
The eight-episode hourlong show will premiere exclusively across all Netflix territories in 2016. The story is set in New York’s Long Island and in Indiana.

Plot summary

Stranger Things Cast
The plot revolves around a young boy named Mike. Mike is only 12 years old but bullied at his school. He vanishes into thin air. His surrounding dear people set about the searches in order to find answers for strange questions. The will have to reveal a very twisted mystery that deals with the secret experiments, scary supernatural creatures and an unknown little girl.
The plot is thus full of mysterious aspects that obviously should add to the success of the upcoming serial.

Cast members

Winona Ryder is to depict a single mother of Mike named Joyce. David Harbour will portray the chief of the local police department.
The additional list of acting crew consists of such actors and actresses as Millie Brown, who is of “Intruders” fame, (plays the role the strange little girl Mike gets acquainted with in the forest); Gaten Matarazzo; Caleb McLaughlin (the voice for Young Simba in “The Lion King” on Broadway); Noah Schnapp (noted for appearance in “Bridge of Spies” and as the member of voice cast in the project under the title “The Peanuts Movie”); Natalia Dyer (“I Believe in Unicorns”); and the last one is Charlie Heaton (filmed in “Shut In”).

Release details

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The Stranger Things release date is considered to be officially July 15, 2016. It is onle one point in the long list of the various planning debuts on Netflix. It is known that unfortunately or much to luck, who knows, the series is going th be aired only in countries that have access to Netflix. The first chapter of the series will include the entire eight episodes. Each will last for an hour.
Thus, it is only a few month before the premiere of the terrifying show full od secrets and quests. Those who are interested in such genre, stay tuned in order to be notified with information about the series that comes by the way very often.


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