Strange Empire: Rise of the Women Season 2

The survival of women in the trying times comes as a theme for the multipart movie “Strange Empire: Rise of the Women” that is sometimes shortened to simply “Strange Empire”. Though debuting in 2014, the series is now on the edge as there has been no confirmation of the future release.

About the drama

Historically grounded Canadian drama “Strange Empire: Rise of the Women” presents a series compiled now of the single one installment. Bowing out in the previous year, the project is not defined in terms of its future.
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The channel that is responsible for airing is called CBC that serves as one of the most high-rated TV networks in Canada. The series, however, experienced also its American debut on LMN. The first circle premiere was set in America at the end of May 2015 by the way. The round is composed of 13 episodes with each one lasting for an hour.
The starring acting cast of the series includes Cara Gee, Melissa Farman, Tattiawna Jones, and Aaron Poole performing the role of a spouse of one heroine.
Presented as a brainchild of Laurie Finstad-Knizhnik, the series is produced also by such executives as Tim Johnson and Jeff Sagansky. The studio responsible for developing it is referred to as Janestown Productions.

With reference to the storyline

With the place of the action being referred to the Alberta-Montana border, the series events are unfolding in the nineteenth century, particularly in its 60s years. As we have mentioned the series is noted for its historical background related to the North American Frontier in those times.
The principal characters are presented here by three women. The fact that practically all men in their small town turn to be murdered makes them unite with the aim of surviving.
They are Kat Loving, a woman who has lost her spouse as well as a child and now is trying to save her surrogate family; Rebecca Blithely, an autistic woman who is serving as a doctor; and Isabelle Slotter who is behind herself with grief after losing her kid. The latter heroine has a husband named John Slotter being a mine owner.
Only with some of the males staying for protecting the town, these ladies should make their best to find their independence and make a fresh life start.

As for the reviews and reception

Strange Empire: Rise of the Women Season 2 Cast
The series, though portraying a powerful story of hard times in the history of the country, is not peculiar for some great ratings with the viewership comprising only 300 thousand people sitting in front of screens when a regular episode comes out.

Concerning the show future

Nevertheless, the chance that the project can be renewed always exists as there has been so confirmation of the cancellation so far. So let’s wait for the appearance of the Strange Empire: Rise of the Women season 2 release date. That’s why you should stay tuned in order to become aware of any news obtained from official resources.


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