The Story of God with Morgan Freeman Season 2

The Story of God with Morgan Freeman Season 2 Release Date


The Story of God with Morgan Freeman is a TV serial with documental particles. It appeared this year, but here we want to present the second season of the serial. In this episode Morgan Freeman will tell you a lot of information about different cultures, topics and religions. They will tell you about the God and his great power.


And now it is the time to present you the cast of the show. Here you will have an opportunity to see the professional Actors:

  • Morgan Freeman and Jodi Magness.
  • Robert Thurman and Father Mark Bozzuti-Jones.
  • Rabbi Joshua Kullock and Amir Hussain.
  • Rene Mena and Suhag Shukla.
  • Alexander Wraith and Jose Rosete.
  • Lydia Baikalova and Bernard Bullen.
  • Aleksandra Jade and Koushik Chattopadhyay.
  • Ani Sava and Shakti Murthy.
  • Suhag Shukla and Ottavio Taddei.
  • Brian Keith Thompson and Father Mark Vozzuti-Jones.
  • Abhay Walia.

The producers are Gayle Lynn Fields, Frank Kosa, Morgan Freeman, Kelly Mendelsohn, Lori McCreary, James Younger, Scott Tiffany, Simon Andreae, Will Hoppins, Brandon Fibbs, Ezekiel Walker, Lindsay Walker, William Hoppins, Charlie Aspinwall, Jeremiah Crowell Tony Lund, Joshua Veselka. The music is made by Lorne Balfe.

The cinematography is by Tim Metzger and Wes Dorman. The editors are David Isser, Corey Becker, Lance Larson. Cathie Valdovino is the costume designer.


Nowadays there are a lot of available religions and people can choose the best one to follow it. Here in that TV show you will see a big talent by the name of Morgan Freeman. And each new episode he will present you the information, which is concerned with the faith and religions of different nations.

He made each new episode so Interesting, because he uses a lot of information and combine it to present only the Main ideas, which will be Interesting and useful for everyone.


That show will be Interesting for people of all ages, accept the children. The Story of God with Morgan Freeman 2 Season release date is the 23rd of July in the year of 2016.

To know, when the season premiere and the season premiere will be, you can use the extra information.

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