Stitchers Season 3

Essential Moments

The series serves as a crime new drama on the Freeform channel which has seen only two chapters, as of today. The latest season release date is March 22, 2016. The sci-fi drama is developed by Jeffrey Alan Schechter. It is a joint venture of Like The Wind Productions, StoryBy Productions, and ABC Family Original Productions.

The acting cast includes the following names:

  • Kyle Harris,
  • Emma Ishta,
  • Ritesh Rajan,
  • Damon Dayoub,
  • Ross Kurt Le,
  • Cameron Britton and many others.

Stitchers Season 3 date release

Narrative Summary

At the center of narration, there is one lady named Kirsten Clark. She is a brilliant student at Caltech and is pretty good at high technologies. This was the reason for recruiting her into the undercover Stitchers project.

So she is lucky now to work with a brilliant neuroscientist and a communications technician. They should stitch her into memories pursuing to expose the underlying causes behind their deaths.

What are Reviews?

The series can boast only average reviews, much to the regret of its developers. On IMDb, for instance, the score constitutes 6/9 points out of 10 while on Rotten Tomatoes it is even lower – 29%. What can be indicative of? Well, this is all quite contradictory but in any case, the developers have still much more to improve in this story.
Stitchers Season 3

As for the viewership, here the situation is the same with almost 0.5 million watchers per each new episode. What are your personal regards towards this? Is the project to your liking or not? Do you wait when the new launch will be held? Share your considerations with us!

With such an average situation, it was difficult to predict the future of the series. Yet we have been much optimistic about the revival and now we have great news for you!
Stitchers Season 3

Following Updates

As for now, the series has been renewed for the third installment despite a contradictory situation with rating numbers, as the reviews are highly in favor of the project. The Stitchers season 3 release date remains still to be defined. But if the next season premiere is scheduled for the first half of the upcoming year, the new season air date may become exposed already in Early 2017 or even this year. Stay tuned for news together with us in order not to miss anything related to this drama.

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