Stitchers Season 3

Stitchers is a science fiction drama TV series created in the USA. The creator is Jeffrey Alan Schechter. The series premiered on the 2nd of June 2015 on ABC Family. Let’s see what’s it about and have a brief overview on the plot and the main characters.

Plot Overview

Stitchers concentrate on life of Kirsten Clark. She works for one of the government’s agencies. What she does makes the series truly fantastic – she gets “stitched” in people’s thoughts and memories in order to help in investigation of mysterious murders and hardest criminal cases. These cases will stay unsolved forever without Kirsten’s help. Kirsten isn’t alone – she’s constantly assisted by Cameron, an experienced and extremely smart neuroscientist. All Kirsten’s operations are controlled by Maggie – an undercover agent. The program Kirsten works with can’t be complete without Linus – a technician and a bioelectrical engineer dealing with communications. Kirsten lives together with Camille – a computer science student. She’s also one of the “stitchers” recruited in order to assist Kirsten.
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Cast and Characters

  • Emma Ishta portrays Kirsten Clark. She’s a student from Caltech recruited to participate in a special program called “Stitchers”. She received an incredible fictional condition – Temporal Dysplasia. This condition deprived her of sense of the past. When she was a little girl, her dad tried to stitch her mind to her mom’s one. As a result, her mom died and she lost all her memories of the past.
  • Kyle Harris portrayed by Cameron Goodkin – a neuroscientist, one of the Stitchers. Met Kirsten at a very young age.
  • Ritesh Rajan acts as Linus Ahluwalia – an engineer of biotechnologies and the one dealing with technical communications in the program.
  • Salli Richardson-Whitfield in the role of Marguerite Baptiste or Maggie – in the past she was an assassin working for CIA. Maggie is the head of the program.
  • Allison Scagliotti portrays Camille Engelson. She lives together with Kirsten and studies computer science. She is very talented and due to that she was recruited in order to be the one who can follow everything that Kirsten does.
  • Damon Dayoub plays the character of Detective Quincy Fisher, am officer chosen to participate in the Stitchers program.

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Stitchers got quite controversial reviews from critics. The first season got lame ratings and was called confusing and inconsistent.

Nearest Releases

The first international premiere was on Australian Television on the 14th of October 2015. Later the series was renewed for season two. The first episode of season 2 was released on the 22nd of March 2016. Nothing is known about the fate of the third season, but Stitchers series is not planned to be cancelled. Let’s wait for the official announcement of the release date of the third season together.

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