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Still Game Season 8 Release Date


Still Game is a situation comedy, which was created in Scotland. The season premiere was in the year of 2000 and a lot of people love this serial. Now the 8th season is ready for watching and you can do it at any suitable moment. The Still Game 8 Season release date is the 2nd of November in the year of 2016.


The cast of Actors for that serial is rather unusual and you will have an opportunity to estimate it while watching the new season. Here you will meet:

  • Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill.
  • Paul Riley and Mark Cox.
  • Jane McCarry and James Martin.
  • Irene Ann Burt and Lynne McCallum.
  • Paul Young and Sandy Nelson.
  • Kate Donnelly and Matt Costello.
  • Scott Reid and John Buick.
  • Carolyn Konrad and Stevie Allen.
  • Kay Gallie and Finlay McLean.
  • Jackie Farrell and Greg Powrie.
  • Gary Sweeney and Marry Riggans.
  • James Young and Tony Martin.
  • Julie Toal and Grant Thomson.
  • Gary French and Annette Staines.
  • Bill Murdoch and Brian Ferguson.
  • Gordon Brown and Sandra McNeely.
  • Anna Hepburn and Claire Gray.
  • Eliza Langland and Iain Gluck.
  • Ryan Hassan and Eileen McCallum.
  • Ian Sexton and Frank Gilhooley.
  • Richard Mack and Clive Russell.
  • Norman Fraser and Billy Boyd.
  • Angela Neil and Sandy Welsh.
  • Jan Wilson and Leslie Wallace.

The director in Michael Hines. If we talk about the producers, it is important to mention Colin Gilbert, Michael Hines, Angela Murray, Steven Canny, Anne McGarrity, Jacqueline Sinclair. The editors are Laura Wilson and John Brooks.


In the center of attention, you will see two Glaswegians by the names of Jack Jarvis and Victor McDade. Here in the new season, you will see, how they get into different troubles and come out of them. Their relationships are not simple and that is the base of this sitcom. All the episodes they try to live their lives, but each time they have the problems, which are so funny and Interesting. Also here in the Main role, we can mention Fergie. They think, that she is their sister and each time they try to give her different bits of advices, which she needs and which she doesn’t need.


The running time of each new episode is 30 minutes.

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Still Game: Series 7 Trailer – BBC One

Jack and Victor try out the bootleg hooch | Still Game series 7

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