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Still Alive Season 2 Release Date


Still Alive is a documental TV serial, which will be Interesting for each person in the world. The season premiere was on September in the year of 2016. But today we want to pay your attention to the second one, which will be rather Interesting and popular. The Still Alive 2 Season release date is the 1st of October in the year of 2016.


If we want to talk about the cast, here we must mention the only one person, who plays the role of narrator. His name is Jim Forbes. This man is rather talented and he will amaze you by the plots, which you see each new season long. So, while watching the first episode you will understand, that’s the cast didn’t play an important role here.

The Story is directed by Kent Weed. The producers are Dina Benadon, John Downey, Vicki Johnson, John Johnston, Michael Miller, Michael J. Miller, Bryan Odom, Arthur Smith, Kent Weed. The music is written by Shawn K. Clement. The editors are Michael S. Gallagher and Sam Mussari.


The first episode of the second season will present you the recollection of survivalists, who earlier made a lot of experiences in the wilderness. Here you will have an opportunity to listen to the Story about an angry bear and about dangerous sharks. So, we can say, that this TV show will help people to present unique stories and memories of their lives.

Each time you will listen to the new Story and you will have an opportunity to understand, how Interesting is the life of adventurers.


In that serial, you will be amazed by the greatest amount of events, which have different people in their lives. If you think, that your life is boring, you must see it and you will understand, that everything is possible and you will have the great chances for it.

Remember, that everything depends on you, so watch the new episode of the  serial and come to your dream slowly.

When the season air date is your Main aim, you can name it, according to the data of this article.

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