Stella (UK) Season 6

Stella (UK) Season 6 Release Date


Stella (UK) is a drama with comedian elements, which was created in Great Britain. It is a flagship TV comedy, the season premiere of which was in January in the year of 2014. The Stella (UK) 6 Season release date is the 2nd of December this year.


The cast of Actors to this serial include the next people:

  • Karen Paullada and Ruth Jones.
  • Justin Davies and Craig Gallivan.
  • Daniel Gammond and Steve Speirs.
  • Di Botcher and Russell Gomer.
  • Paul Aron and Maxine Evans.
  • Howell Evans and Debbie Davies.
  • Clare Hingot and Bethan Whitcomb.
  • Rory Girvan and Sudha Bhuchar.
  • Emma Rydal and Taj Atwal.
  • Wayne Cater and Kenny Doughty.
  • Remy Beasley and Yasmine Akram.
  • Gareth Pierce and Josh Cook.
  • Alexandra Fraser and Leona Vaughan.
  • Nadia Kamil and Tilly Blackwood.
  • Suzanne Packer and Theo Miles.
  • Joanna Riding and Denise Gough.
  • James Thornton and Laura E. Jones.
  • Lucinda Dryzek and Ramon Tikaram.
  • Grace Fan and Daniel Laurie.
  • Joanna Scanlan and Robert Evans.
  • Tom Price and Dave Bond.
  • Wayne Forester and Clive Russell.
  • Emory Thomas and Menna Trussler.
  • Julian Price and Celyn Jones.
  • Sule Speake and Gillian Elisa.
  • Vern Griffiths and Jamie Lomas.
  • Michelle Luther and Marc Rhys.
  • Marcus Garvey and Nayef Rashed.
  • Ellen Groves and Stan Stennett.
  • Gillian McKeith and Lynn Hunter.
  • Siriol Jenkins and Rhys John.
  • Toby Longworth and Katherine Mangold.
  • Gareth Richards and Lewes Roberts.
  • Wendy Albiston and Dave Wong.

But that is not the full list. Among the directors, it is important to mention Tony Dow, Simon Delaney, Susan Tully, Sandy Johnson, Minkie Spiro, David Sant, Mandie Fletcher.


The events of that serial took place in South Wales village. Here in the focus, you will see a single mom at the age of 40. She has three kids, each of them has different moods and features of character. Because of lack of money she must work a lot to live and to give her children an opportunity to live happily and to have everything, what they want to have.


The duration of each new episode can be different – it can be of 60 and of 90 minutes.

When you don’t know the information about the season air date, you can use such data.

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