Stella Season 6

Stella is a dramedy TV series created and released in the UK. The creators and the authors of the original concept are David Peet and Ruth Jones. Jones portrays the character of Stella. The release was carried out by Sky1 channel with the first season release date on the 11th of January 2013. Stella season 6 release date hasn’t been announced yet.


Before the final of season 2, the series was prolonged for season 3 to be released on the 24th of January 2014. A special episode was released for Christmas on the 22nd of December 2014. In the middle of the third season, the show was prolonged for season four to be released on the 6th of February 2015. Season five was commissioned right after the finale of season four and was released on the 12th of January 2016. A special episode for Christmas was released in December of 2016.
Stella Season 6 date release

Plot, Cast & Characters

Every new episode of Stella revolves in a fictional place called Pontyberry situated in Wales. Stella, the protagonist of the series, is about forty. She’s a single mother and she earns money by ironing for her neighbors. She’s mostly satisfied with her life and it looks like she’s able to balance her family responsibilities together with the chaotic friends, relatives, and dads of her children. The name of her eldest son is Luke. In the beginning of the series, we see him imprisoned for stealing cars. Emma, her only daughter, is 16 and Ben is 12 years old.

Among the other characters there are:
Stella Season 6

  • Paula, her sister-in-law, and her best friend. She’s a funeral director addicted to alcohol.
  • Karl, a former husband of Stella. He’s quite dumb. Dates with Nadine, who’s 28 years old.
  • Alan, a rugby coach. Has been fond of Stella since 1984.
  • Dai, the brother of Stella. A former serviceman. He doesn’t work due to the injury. However, he’s very helpful in various spheres of life and enjoys his perfect sexual life with Paula, his wife.
  • Daddy character, a running joke of the show. He speaks a strange language that no one can’t understand except for the locals.

Stella Season 6

Quite a large number of actors decided to leave the show after the finale of season 2, that’s why season 3 of Stella is filled with a set of new characters.

6th Season Air Date

There’s no relevant info about the future of Stella. When more news appears in the media about the 6th season of the show, you will be notified, so don’t forget to subscribe.

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