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Steampunk`d Season 2 Release Date


Steampunk`d is a reality TV serial, which appeared on the year of 2015. Here in the center of attention you can see a lot of contestants, who are the real professionals in steampunk genre.


When we are talking about the cast, here is very important to pay attention to the contestants. Among them we must mention the next people:

  • Ladyhawk and Tobias.
  • Miss Morgan and Tayliss.
  • Ave and Steampunk Eddie.
  • Karianne and JW.
  • Charles and James.

It is presented by Jennie Mai. Among the judges we must mention Matt King and Kate Lambert. The executive producers are John Ehrhard, Kimberly Belcher Ehrhard, Jennifer J. Duncan, and Lauren Stevens.


Such TV season premiere will present a competition, with help of which people can discover the most talented designers. The team of professional designers are the judges for the new contestants. Each person here must take part in different challenges – all them are made in steampunk style.

Each season the contestants are different. But there is a thing, that unite them – the main prize for the winner is 100 000 dollars. This amount of money will be enough to open the school of fashion and to become very popular.

Each contestant, who take part is such competition, was connected with one or another deal in fashion industry. Also here you will see, how they differ from each other, but the main aim of each person is to get the prize and to make a dream come true.

In the first season of the serial you will see, how the judges make an unusual competition, which are connected with modern technologies. As for the next season, here you will see, how hard it is to demonstrate the best results, when the conditions for work are not so usual.

The new season will amaze you at all, because here you will see the best contestants, who came from different world cities. They will present their professionalism, which will help them to win the prize.


That TV show will help young designers not to do the obvious mistakes. If you are interesting in fashion industry, that show will be the best variant for your free time.

The duration of each new episode is about 40-42 minutes. The Steampunk`d 2 Season release date is the 9th of February in the year of 2016. When we talk about season air date, such information will be available.

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