Steampunk`d Season 2

Steampunk'd Season 2 Release Date


Steampunkdt is a reality show, which will present you the most talented designers in the world. They try to make original costumes and fabricate the most outstanding clothes. Now you have an opportunity to watch the 10th season of the show and to enjoy it at all.


Here in the cast & crew you will see a big amount of talented people. Each of them are the judges of that show. So, here you will see:

  • Josh Kinsey and Kate Lambert.
  • Jeannie Mai and Morgan Olson.
  • Ave Rose and Edward Thayer.
  • Thomas Willeford and Matthew Yang King.
  • Charles Mason and Krianne Gottschalk.
  • Tayliss Forge and James Neathery.
  • Niki Phillips and Glenn Hetrick.
  • Tobias McCurry and Sabrina Soto.
  • Kristen Vangsness and Dita Von Teese.

It is produced by Peter D. Coogan, Colby Cote, J. David Goldman, and David Tobin. Also here as producers appear Ashley DeLapp, John-Patrick McLean, and Craig Turner. The music is made by The Ontic, Jeff Foxworth, and Rye Randa.


That reality show will amaze you at all. In the center of attention you will see 10 talented designers. They will present you different costumers and carpentry. Each week they must pass the competition day, after which one designer will leave the project. All the contestants are divided into 2 groups. Each team will have its own task to do and the person, who will make it in the best manner will become a winner. But it is not so easy, as you can think. Here a lot of complications will appear, besides, the contestants are rather strong.


People, who want to be in the center of attention will estimate that show. Here you will see a lot of talented designers, and their Main aim is to become famous all over the world. Besides, with help of such things you will have your own style. A lot of people think, that while watching that show you will have the new ideas of your style and you will make the new accents, which will make your personality brighter.

Each episode will present you the real show, which is full of exciting events. The Steampunkdt 2 Season release date is the 9th of February in the year of 2016, so now you can enjoy it at any suitable time for you.

To know, when the season premiere and the season premiere will be, you can use the extra information.

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Steampunk’d Stars at Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 5

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