StartUp Season 2

StartUp Season 2 Release Date


That is a very interesting season premiere, which was created in America. The launch started at the year of 2016 and now everybody can see the second season of the serial.


The cast is not so big, but it doesn’t mean, that the story wouldn’t be exciting for you. In the center of attention you will see such people, as:

  • Adam Brody, who play the role of Nick Talman.
  • Martin Freeman, known as Phil Rask. He is a FBI agent.
  • Otmara Marrerro in the role of Izzy Morales.
  • Edi Gathegi a Ronald Dacey.
  • Jocelin Donahue, who play the role of Maddie Pierce.
  • Ashley Hinshaw in the role of Taylor.

The serial is created by Ben Ketai.


That serial will present you the life of FBI agent by the name of Phil Rask. He is really unpredictable investigator and a man, the woman trust to. He always have a lot of money, but the other problem disturbs him all the time. When he solve it, he decided to make his own company.

He started to find people, who will work with him. A lot of good candidates are available, but he thought, that his team must be special. So he tried to pay attention to the different details.

One day he met Nick Talman, who is a successful businessman and he thought, that he will be a great partner for him. Phil find Nick similar to him, so they haven’t any problem in communication and help each other in different questions.

Also the main cast include Izzy Morales and Donald Dacey. They didn’t expect, that the deals will come so good. So, the time is gone and there is a lot of interesting propositions for them. Each day they work with the investigations and each person think, that it is the work of his or her dream.


If you like to see films and serials with the same plot, that season will amaze you deeply. Here you will see a big amount of acts and sometimes they can be unusual and even unexplainable. Besides, such professional team will show you, how the person must live – never give up and be attentive to all the things, which appear in your beautiful life.

The running time of each new episode each time differs. The StartUp 2 Season release date is the 8th of September in the year of 2016, so you can watch ad enjoy it. When we talk about season air date, such information will be available.

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