Star Season 2

In this post, let’s define what the Star series presents. The Fox channel has launched it in the recent past – on December 14, 2016. Therefore we should not hope for the immediate miracle – the appearance of Star season 2 release date. We arm ourselves with patience but still wait for the confirmation of the renewal for the second season premiere.
Lee Daniels and Tom Donghy appear as executives collaborating with Charles Pratt Jr. and Jason Richman. The acting cast includes Jude DeMorest, Ryan Destiny, Brittany O’Grady, and many others. Lee Daniels Entertainment and 20th Century Fox Television produce the soap-opera. As for now, we have thirteen episodes with the duration of 30 minutes each for enjoying.

Focusing on the Storyline

Star Season 2 Cast
The narrative centers on showing three women as they climb their singing career ladders. The musical business is a hard challenge to take. Herewith Star Davis, Star’s sister Simone, and Alexandra “Alex” Crane unite their ambitions, forming a band in Atlanta, in order to get success in life. Many issues come their way but these ladies are punchy enough and Queen Latifah, an Atlanta beauty salon owner, as well as their mentor, is always ready to supply them with as much advice as possible when they need it.

Promising Ratings

The reception is positive and warm, concluding from the viewership garnered – 6 million watchers during the release of the pilot. Constituting 5.7 out of 10, the score on IMDb does not add, however, to the inspiration to follow the news regarding the resumption and the new season release date.
Star Season 2 Spoiler
As for reviews, they are warm enough but due to the unknown storyline and the only one available pilot, there is no judging the quality. Time will show how the series will manage to garner audiences and fans.

Returning With Second Part on TV Screens Very Soon!

So far only the pilot is launched. The new episode is scheduled to appear on January 5, 2017. Herewith, it is a bit early to make conclusions as for the worthiness of the series, as well as with relevance to the future of the project. The new season air date may be announced next year if the show will manage to become a fans’ favorite. Stay with us if you are hungry for news and tune in on a determined day for another episode!


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