Stan against Evil Season 2


Stan against Evil is an American comedy TV serial with horror elements. The season premiere of it is February this year, but now you can see the continuation of the Story. The Stan against Evil 2 Season release date is the 15th of December in the year of 2016.


When we talk about the Actors to that serial, you must pay attention, that here a lot of talented people will appear. Among them, it is important to mention the people in the Main cast, such as:

  • John C. McGinley.
  • Janet Varney.
  • Deborah Baker Jr.
  • Nate Mooney.
  • Randall Newsome.
  • Dana Gould.
  • Mick Ignis.

The directors of the serial are Jack Bishop and Justin Nijm. The producers are Ed Tapia, Justin Wilkes, Dana Gould, Tom Lassally, John C. McGinley, Frank Scherma. It is edited by Glenn Garland and Sari Tracht.


This show will present the town of New England and the hiStory, that it has. In the center of attention, you will see the witch, that hunts demons in the past. Her Main aim was to find the victim and kill it, but now the situation is changed greatly.

In the new episodes, all the attention will be centered on ex-sheriff by the name Stanley Miller. He is good at his work and here you will see the single mother by the name Evie Barrett. Together with his team, he tries to protect his town from the invaders of the different character. McGinley is praised in the lead role, so if you want to see, how different genres can combine with each other, this serial will be the best example.


This comedy with horror elements will be unforgettable for people, who are Interesting in the amazing and an unconvenient plot. You will see the people of different social status and the problems, which they have. In order to live the life fully and without any problems, they are ready to struggle with all the appeared problems, so here you will see a lot of serious episodes, which are solved in a funny way.

The new episode will last for 22 minutes and you must be ready to see that serial from the beginning until the end in any suitable time. You will be very glad to see it and to enjoy every moment.

When it is important to name the season air date, you may use the information from this article. 

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