“Spotless” Season 2

"Spotless" Season 2


"Spotless" (Season 2, release date – autumn-winter 2016) is a Story of crimes places cleaner Jean whose quiet life changes dramatically when his house is claimed by his brother Martin, who draws him into a deadly criminal world.

President of Esquire Network Adam Stotsky confirmed plans to take the next part of the above project in an interview with Variety publisher on April 6, 2016. The series "Spotless" renewed for a second season, which release date is scheduled for the autumn-winter 2016.


On the creation of the series there worked a group of professionals, which include such Actors as:

  • Marc-Andr? Grondin,
  • Denis M?nochet,
  • Rayson Miranda,
  • Brendan Coyle,
  • Tanya FEAR,
  • Jake Curran,
  • Helena Soubeyrand,
  • Sam Mackay,
  • Tolga Safer


There is such a profession – Cleaner. And we are not talking about a simple cleaning, but cleaning at the crime scene. The protagonist is engaged in just such dirty work.

Jean (the name of the Main character) lives in London. For a long time the police hired him in order he laundered houses and apartments, where the murder took place. For his work, the man got quite a lot of money. But one day everything changes drastically, because the cleaner lost his job. But he thought so. For example, the police are no longer needed his services, but for sure they will be Interesting to the other side – the mafia. They often wet someone and mafia members do not want then to wash the crime scene, and at the same time and do not want to be searched. Thus, they need a cleaner, especially such a professional.

So, the hero begins to get more money, doing essentially the same job, but it is now possible to provide for the family and a mistress. A London police now can not reveal many crimes – the evidence at the crime scene to do, and the scene is now difficult to calculate. That’s a small man with a dirty slave can affect the entire system.


The series has been designed and developed thanks to the cooperation of Britain and France. Both countries have made every effort to make a really good project.

The new Franco-British series differs from the others not only unusual Story and bloodthirsty attitude, but also a lot of black humor. It is for those who will not fight with nausea, when will constantly see the dead bodies and blood.

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