South of Hell Season 2

South of Hell Season 2 Release Date


South of Hell is a supernatural drama season premiere, which has a lot of horror elements. It was created in America in 2015, but now the second season is available for everyone.


When we talk about the cast of the serial “South of Hell”, we must mention the following main characters, which appear very often:

  • Zachary Booth in the role of David Abascal.
  • Mena Suvari as Maria Abascal.
  • Bill Irwin in the role of Enos Abascal.
  • Drew Moerlein, who play the role of Dusty.
  • Lamman Rucker in the role of Rev.
  • Paulina Singer as Grace.
  • Lydia Hearst, who play the role of Charlotte.
  • Slate Holmgren in the role of Sweetmouth.
  • Lauren Velez in the role of Tetra.

It is created by Matt Lambert. Among the executive producers we must mention Eugene Stein, Eli Roth, Erica Motley, Stewart Till, and Jason Blum.


All the events of such story took place in Charleston, which is located in South Carolina. Here you will see the two main characters by the names David and Maria Abascal. They are the hired demon hunters.

By using her body Maria try to call the demon by the name of Abigail. And David try to stop him, despite it is so complex for him. To get rid of Abigail it is not so easy task. But they didn’t give up – they do everything to stop him and to make the life of people save.

In that season of the serial you have an opportunity to enjoy great scenes. All the actors will amaze you by the beautiful play.


People, who like to watch the film with unusual plots will be amazed by watching such a season. Besides, here you will see elements of horror, drama, thriller, and mystery. That serial is available only for adults, because here a lot of strange and forbidden moments will appear.

Each new episode will show you the new events, so it wouldn’t be dull for you to watch such a season. The South of Hell 2 Season release date is the 9th of February this year, so now each person can enjoy it from the beginning till the end. That information will be useful, when we talk about the season air date.

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