Sons of Liberty Season 2

In 2015, the historical drama under the title “Sons of Liberty” hit the world with its real portraying of country heroes who fought for freedom of the entire nation. Destined to increase the level of patriotism, the series included only 3 episodes. But it was enough for creating the whole picture of those events of the eighteenth century.

Basic data about the series

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Sons of Liberty is made as a miniseries consisted of only 3 episodes. The genre of the story is a historical drama. The opening of the series was held at the end of January in the previous year. More than a year has passed but the developers are not in a hurry to announce the producing of the following season.
The directory duties are accomplished by Kari Skogland. The acting crew includes such personalities as Ben Barnes, Ryan Eggold, Marton Csokas, and some others. The home channel is History.

Historical background of the serial

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The narrative of serial portrays the commencement of the American Revolution, particularly when the congress was organized and the declaration was signed.
First and foremost that should be underlined is that the story is founded on real life stories of real people. The narrative revolves around the revolutionists with various features but united by their common goal – fight for freedom. The story shows us how these men managed to decide the fate of the North America. Their fight resulted in the colonies owned earlier by Britain turning into the country under the name the United States of America.
The story centers on such historical personalities as Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Paul Revere,  Samuel Adams and others who are now chased in the memory of American people as the fathers of the U.S. They are the Sons of Liberty.

Can we wait for the renewal of the serial?

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As we have already mentioned, the story is purported to be a successful interpretation of the most important on-goings that took place in the crucial times in the history of America. The very theme the serial presents should wake up the viewers from their sleep, and this goal has been accomplished in fact by the creators of the miniseries. In order to prove it, let’s turn at once to the concrete rating numbers. The serial has counted approximately 3 million people. On IMDb, the rating constitutes more than 7.5 from 10 points. This raises a solid suggestion that the serial may have resumption in the near future. However, so far there is no concrete data from the developers concerning the Sons of Liberty season2 release date as well as about the possibility of renewal.
We should keep abreast of the situation in the view of the producers making a decision in favor of the further fabrication as the level of popularity of the historical serial is rather high. Stay tuned with us in order to be notified timely about all the information concerning this project straight from the horse’s mouth.


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