So Awkward Season 3

The series serves as a new sitcom on the CBBC channel. It went on the air yet in 2015 and now two seasons are at our disposal, as a result. The latest season release date is August 25, 2016. As for the resumption, it has been already announced. Herewith, just relax and enjoy the recent season premiere!
As for the creative team, Julie Bower spearheads it. Meanwhile, the team of executives from Channel X contributes to the quality of the sitcom for children greatly. It includes the names of Alan Marke, Jim Reid, Sue Nott and Chris Rose. The scriptwriters are Mark Oswin, Bebe Blake, Matt Brito, Anthony McMurray, as well as Bower herself. The acting cast is composed of the following ones:
So Awkward Season 3 Poster

  • Cleo Demetrio,
  • Sophia Dall’aglio,
  • Ameerah Falzon-Op,
  • Flynn Horne,
  • Jamie Flatters,
  • Archie Lyndhurst and some others.

Plot Summary

What is this awkward aspect in the sitcom? In fact, it is the teenage, one of the most trying periods in the life of every person. The mockery here is around three teens named Hampton, Jas Salford, and Martha Fitzgerald.
These young ladies experience all those troubles peculiar for this awkward period in life including the process of fitting in at school, as well as dating experience and difficulties in relationships with family members and parents, especially.

Audience Reception

The series has proved its worthiness right with the first debut. The score equals 7/9 out of 10 on IMDb. It is not perfect yet extremely decent for the following production. The explanation is quite simple. Apart from the high quality of the immediate shooting, the series is noted for the raising of the issues that deserve public attention. Moreover, it does not only depict the core of problems but provides viewers with constructive solutions to them.

Renewed For Next Season Premiere

All above-mentioned reasons for continuing the sitcom were enough for the developers, and they renewed the project for the third premiere. When will a new release be arranged? No other specifics are revealed now including those touching the new season air date. This cannot be the cause for worrying, as the second season premiere is recent. Just enjoy each new episode while waiting for the So Awkward season 3 release date that can be exposed only next year.


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