Slasher. Season 2

Slasher. Season 2 Release Date


The second season of the Slasher is rather interesting and full of scares. In the center of attention, we can see the woman, who wants to know the truth.


That serial is perfect because of the people, who play here the most important roles. Here you can see:

  • Katy McGrat.
  • Brandon J McLaren.
  • Steve Buyers.
  • Jessica Sipos.
  • Sean Ahmed.
  • Mark Ganime.
  • Patrick Gerry.
  • Dean McDermot.
  • Erin Carplack.
  • Meiko Nguyen.

The director of the serial is Craig Davis Walles.


In the center of attention, we can see Sarah, who lives in a small city. Everything here remembered her about her childhood. Here many years ago her parents were killed. And here she had overcome a lot of problems.

We must mention, that the murder of her parents isn’t found because there weren’t any prove. But the time was gone and lots of people started to be the victims of the killer. Sarah understands, that all these situations are closely connected with her parents. She didn’t want to trust and believe people, because she thought, that they are liars.

So, she began her own investigation, because she wanted to find the killer and punish him. Every day she knew different information and then she didn’t want to trust her husband. Did she find the killer earlier, then he will find her? To know the truth, watch the serial as soon as possible.


The duration of one series lasts for 60 minutes. Each of them is a little film, where all the interesting events are connected. Besides, as the practice shows, that time is enough for being attentive to all the scenes.

The genre of the second season is thriller and drama. If you like such films, that will be a good idea to see the Slasher. It isn’t recommended for children of all the ages, so adults must be attentive.

The Slasher season 2 release date is the 27th of March in 2016.

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