Skylanders Academy Season 2

Skylanders Academy Season 2 Release Date


Skylanders Academy is an animated TV serial, which was made in America. The season premiere was on October this year and the second one is already available for everyone. The Skylanders Academy 2 Season release date is the 30th of October in the year of 2016.


The cast for that animated serial is rather unusual because here you will listen to only the voices of popular and talented people. Among them we will mention:

  • Jonny Rees in the role of Jet-Vac.
  • Daniel Middleton as C Four.
  • Justin Long in the role of Ashley Tisdale.
  • Johnathan Banks as Eruptor.
  • Chris Diamantopoulos as Master Eon.
  • Bobcat Goldthwait, who play the role of Pop Fizz.
  • Richard Steven Horvitz in the role of Kaos.
  • Norm MacDonald as Glumshanks.
  • Catherine O`Hara as Kassandra.

The serial is directed by Arthur Qwak. It is produced by Julie Abecassis, Patrick Dedieu, Coco Francini, Corinne Kouper, Caroline Souris, Bobby Kotick, Eric Rogers.


Here in the Main roles, you will see Spyro the Dragon, Jet-Vad, Pop Fizz, Stealth Elf. They are best friends, so they always travel together. Their Main mission is to protect the world from invaders and evildoers. Master Eon try to Maintain peace and harmony in the world, so he often uses his superpower to reach his aim.

The producers worked on this serial a lot, so the voices of the Main characters are very good and you will have an opportunity to estimate it in any suitable moment for you.


That serial is made for children, but adults will also like it because it is full of bright colors and Interesting events. The characters have a lot of positive features, so you will have a real delight while watching it from the beginning till the end.

The running time of new episode can be different. Sometimes it can last 25 minutes, but on the other had the duration can be 44 minutes. You can watch it every day to have a good mood and positive thoughts. And that will help you to live your life fully.

You can use the following information when you need to name the season air date.

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